Monday, July 18, 2016

Been Thinking

In my limited personal experience I have heard conservative acquaintances bemoan the free breakfasts and lunches given to the children of parents who fall below certain income thresholds by whining that some people shouldn't have children they can't afford, and that "their tax dollars" rob these parents of the motivation needed for them to go out and get a job, while setting a gimme gimme entitlement pattern for the life a child. In my limited personal experience, I have heard conservative acquaintances "celebrate the actions of authorities in the removal of children from homes, by an agency of government, Conservatives don't want to interfere in their own lives. There seems to be a pattern here. When the government takes action to assist parents in supplementing their children's diet the reaction is suspicion, condemnation, and protestations of wasteful spending of "my tax dollars". When the government takes action to punish parents unable to provide for their children suddenly the government, not trusted to do anything right, becomes imbued with the wisdom of King Solomon. I think I get it. In the minds of the conservatives who populate my limited life experience the proper use of their "tax dollars" is to punish children already being punished by the missteps or mishaps of their parents.

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