Saturday, November 19, 2016

Ok, so where do we start? I have issues with this video. I wrote a research paper on the history of eugenics and forced sterilization this semester True: Margaret Sanger, the founder of planned Parenthood was a racist woman who practiced racial eugenics. That's not up for debate. False: Planned Parenthood does not sell the body parts of aborted fetuses. Stop saying that shit. PP is not apart of some elaborate scheme to exterminate black folk. Stop saying that shit. Abortion is one of the many services Planned Parenthood provides. They also provide health screenings, STD testing and treatments, contraceptives HPV vaccines, breast cancer screenings, pap testing. ect. The reason why you see so many PP in black and brown communities is because of socioeconomics. Healthcare is fucking expensive. Without PP many of these women would not be able to afford these services. You know what happens to women when they can't afford these services? They die. If you're looking for an accurate account of the horrors of western medicine I would suggest 'Medical Apartheid' by Harriet A. Washington.

  --Terrance THomas

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