Friday, November 25, 2016

Robert writes

I wonder. Do folks understand that neglecting that most important privilege/obligation in a Republic run by democratically elected servants makes a mockery of the words "thank you for your service"? Don't just thank me for my service. Honor the service I rendered and the sacrifice of my comrades who didn't return by voting for those who fully fund veterans care at VA Hospitals. And don't dangle military retirement, pensions, and disability benefits, in our faces every election cycle like the chicken-hawk sh*theads currently drawing pay from the same treasury. But then, I digress.

In the minds of the oligarchs who sent young men and women off to get wounded protecting their Military Industrial Complex investment it's only logical that they should profit from the treatment of those injuries. Gain control of the government, underfund and break the VA, then come to the rescue of the wounded by giving them a voucher to get care at a for-profit facility, in which they've probably also invested, and bingo, they win twice. The wounded? Hey sucker did I tell you how much "they" hate our freedom? Finding a doctor in your locale, my veteran friend, who'll accept a VA voucher might just be easier than finding one who accepts medicare. I, for one, would rather not have to find out.

Well, my fright wing friend the Cheetos Caligula, who never served, has according to reports, "During the campaign, though, Mr. Trump echoed privatization policies put out by the group, telling crowds he would give all veterans a card to use with any private doctor who accepted Medicare.

“This is a big, big deal,” Pete Hegseth, a former chief executive of Concerned Veterans for America, said in an interview. “If we keep our pedal to the metal, we can get major reform done in the first six months.”

And as we all know, Doctors who accept Medicare devoid of any real world experience treating the needs of injured veterans will be moe than prepared for the flood of new patients with issues unique to veterans.

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