Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Cabinet From Hell: Trumpism Meets Neoliberalism

The Cabinet From Hell: Trumpism Meets Neoliberalism

But choosing from the establishment certainly does not mean avoiding extremist, racist and misogynist picks.

Jeff Sessions and Mike Pompeo may be inside the beltway, but they are well-known for their xenophobic, anti-Black and Islamophic views. And of course, one of Trump's few outside-the-beltway picks is Breitbart News' notorious Stephen Bannon.

And, as is life in the Trump era, the story continued to take dramatic turns. Amid reports of "transition turmoil," NBC News reported on Thursday that Vice-President Elect Mike Pence,

who is leading the transition, was engaging in a "Stalinesque purge" of lobbyists and associates of Chris Christie, who was said to be exiled from the administration for a time.

"This would bring the transition more in line with Trump's campaign-trail pledge to 'drain the swamp' of veteran politicians and special interests in Washington," the report said. Not that this news was likely to assuage his critics. The lobbyists are being replaced with loyalists. And the constant turnover was among several reasons why the transition was "in disarray," according to The New York Times, "marked by infighting, firings," and various breaches of protocols with foreign leaders.


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