Thursday, November 17, 2016

When Work Loses Its Dignity - The New York Times

When Work Loses Its Dignity - The New York Times

They worked hard. Most gladly accepted six-day workweeks because of the overtime pay. Most of these workers, especially those lucky enough to carry a union card, had a shot at upward mobility. They owned modest houses, they could buy new cars every four or five years, and they could send their children to the local Ohio State campus or to North Central Technical College.

Few of these workers, white or black, expected to have the opportunities I had as a doctor’s kid. But they understood intuitively that their daughter at Johnny Appleseed Junior High could have more than they did.

Quoting myself, "I'll say it one more time because I know you've tired of me going on about it over the past eight years. I don't want to hear from a Republican-lite candidate talking to those "who shower before work". Don't tell me about the freebies and incentives you're going to give to the suits who promise to "bring good jobs" to the area. Talk to me about the wages they'll pay and the protections for the workers who'll earn them Speak to me as a Democrat to a Democrat. I heard for eight long years from the dark side that they've no interest in what Democrats have to say. Now a fascist who owes more money to Russians than allegiance to this nation has taken the traditional blue collar message and used it to eat the Democrats lunch."

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