Tuesday, April 25, 2017

All I Know Is What I Read in the Fake News

Gail Collins: Welcome back, Matt. It’s good to be conversing again, and since you and our readers are now acquainted, I don’t need to mention that you’re a senior writer at The Weekly Standard. Or a hard-core fan of fly fishing. And that you love dogs and hate politicians. I’m with you on the first but I have to admit I have a soft spot for politicians. It’s a hard life. Somebody has to do it. Matt Labash: Careful, Gail, or you’ll normalize me. But thanks for inviting me back to your safe space, even as I’m still trying to pry the nails out of my hands after readers crucified me for my quasi-defense of Trump’s wall last week. We like to kid ourselves that we contain multitudes. But most of us aren’t nearly as complicated as we think, and you pretty much captured me in three sentences, neglecting only to mention that I’m a Gemini who likes to take long walks on the beach.

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