Thursday, April 20, 2017

Eric Trump Tells America To Stop Hurting His Daddy’s Feelings With Facts

President Trump’s son Eric said in an interview that his dad’s feelings get hurt when people say “falsehoods,” and question the legitimacy of his presidency. In an interview with Irish Independent, Eric Trump complained that the “falsehoods” hurt his Dad’s feelings: What is the one thing that is said which hurts his father the most? “The falsehoods. He is the one person who did not need this job. He is a man who has achieved every aspect of success – wealth, family – in fact so many people often come up to me and talk about him and the concept of the American dream. He is the epitome of the American dream.” In Trump lingo, “falsehoods” mean facts. Facts like there is evidence that Russia interfered in the presidential election. Facts like Donald Trump is the least transparent president in history, who refuses to release his tax returns and make the White House visitors log public. Facts like Donald Trump is historically unpopular.

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