Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Federal judge stops Auburn from canceling white nationalist Richard Spencer speech. Violence erupts.

Self-proclaimed white nationalist Richard Spencer spoke at Auburn University in Alabama Tuesday night after a federal judge reversed the school’s cancellation of the event on First Amendment grounds. He was greeted by protests that quickly turned violent and led to three arrests. Auburn police spokesman Capt. Lorenza Dorsey told the Associated Press three people were arrested for disorderly conduct, though it remains unclear if they were protesters or attendees of Spencer’s talk. A video released by showed a man with spiked hair and a bloody face on the ground, his hands cuffed behind his back. Hundreds gathered before his talk around Foy Hall, where Spencer appeared, according to The video showed a portion of this crowd chanting, “No alt-right. No KKK. No racist USA.” One protester carried a sign reading, “Fighting Fascism an American Tradition Since 1941.”

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