Monday, April 17, 2017

‘Just like any other damn president’: Trump supporters are angry they’re not ‘winning’

‘Just like any other damn president’: Trump supporters are angry they’re not ‘winning’

upporters of President Donald Trump still aren’t winning, despite what their dear leader says on Twitter or to Fox News.

A New York Times profile of Trump supporters in Pennsylvania revealed all of the work Trump has been doing isn’t helping them and they’re starting to lose hope.

“Just like any other damn president,” Theresa Remington said. She works as a home-care worker and both of her children are Marines on active duty. She voted for Trump hoping he’d overhaul the Veterans Administration and the health care system. He hasn’t. Calling it nothing more than “political bluster,” Remington then wondered what would have happened if Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) was the one in the White House.

“No one wants to be wrong,” Brian Mock said. He works as a tattoo artist in Levittown. “It’s seeing a house on fire and saying, ‘That house isn’t on fire.’ It is very clearly on fire.”

The Times explained that many Trump supporters still trust him but they are curious what happened to this legendary deal-making that he bragged about. They are impressed by his determination but don’t understand why he’s still tweeting in such a bizarre way. Most damning of all, some think Trump will be fine but think perhaps Vice President Mike Pence should take on a greater role.



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