Friday, April 7, 2017

MSNBC Exposes Trump's Real Motive For Syria Attack - It Is Scary

On Thursday night, the U.S. Army struck a Syrian government target for the first time in the six years that the Syrian Civil War has raged. The U.S. strike, which consisted of around 60 Tomahawk missiles that all targeted the same air base, was — ostensibly — in “retaliation” for the chemical weapons attack that the Assad regime carried out against Syrian civilians earlier this week. President Trump was reportedly “personally moved” by the images of the victims of the chemical attack, prompting him to order the strike, which targeted the base believed to be where the planes responsible for the attack took off from. Sounds, straightforward enough, right? Well, this situation is more complicated than just another one of the seemingly never-ending shows of America’s “altruistic” power that sweep the globe every so often. See, Russia has long been a backer of the sitting Syrian regime, and we just bombed them. Russia has been cooperating and providing support for the Assad regime for years, and, again, we just bombed them. This Russia is the same Russia that is suspected of having fostered illegal ties to President Trump during his rise to power, and it’s the same Russia of which Trump has spoke so glowingly time and time again. What is going on? Nobody can really say for certain. The present unfolding of events is so desperately volatile that nobody can make any sort of definite prediction about what is going to happen next. As we wait to see what’s actually going to happen next, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has an idea of what the “something next” is going to be. He suggests that the strike the U.S. carried out this past Thursday night was really just meant as a distraction from the Trump Administration’s ongoing efforts to continue fostering their previously established, corrupt relationship with Russia.



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