Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nerding Out with Taran Killam on Hamilton, Get Out, and his Post-SNL Career

Even that aftermath, when Pence himself was interviewed about it on TV, he wasn’t as mad as the ~president~ was. Yeah, well, the president is a moron. Yeah. Man, I just remembered that you were on last year when he hosted—I don’t even wanna ask about that. It was not fun, and most of the cast and writers were not excited to have him there. I didn’t get the feeling that he was excited to be there, and it felt like a move for ratings from both sides. He was… Unpleasant? He was… everything you see. What you see is what you get with him, really. I mean, there was no big reveal. He struggled to read at the table read, which did not give many of us great confidence. Didn’t get the jokes, really. He’s just a man who seems to be powered by bluster.

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