Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today Marks Trump’s 18th Trip To His Golf Course In Just 12 Weeks Of Presidency

Although it’s not out of line, necessarily, for President Trump to take time off, there are still a number of concerns that arise from Trump’s repeated excursions to the golf course. The first one, and perhaps the least pressing, is that Trump himself slammed President Obama for taking supposedly excessive amounts of time off while the latter was still in the White House. Thus, the fact that Trump is on course to spend more on travel in one year than Obama spent in his entire eight-year tenure goes to show just how shallow the current President’s rhetoric actually is. He says what he needs to say to get himself ahead; that’s it. However, that leads to the next, much more pressing point about the relevance of the nonsense that the President has literally spent over a quarter of his presidency traveling. These trips, in short, aren’t cheap. The millions upon millions of dollars that each trip costs isn’t a cost that’s only borne by the figurative “nation of taxpayers.” Rather, many millions out of that cost are put on the back of the local community. A report from the Palm Beach Post puts the cost associated with Trump’s visits that are routinely borne by the local community at a staggering $3.7 million. Ethics expert Steve Schooner summarized the situation with Trump’s repeated travel quite grimly while speaking to NBC News.

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