Wednesday, May 3, 2017

7th Grader’s Incredible Response to Whiny Trump Supporter is Going Viral

Winchester, Massachusetts is a small suburb of Boston where a wicked big powah struggle for America’s future is playing out in the letters to the editor page of the local newspaper, the Winchester Star, as Good magazine reported. Two generations of Winchester denizens, representing radically opposite points of view, argued over the need for signs that address the anxieties many Americans feel following the 2016 election and Donald Trump’s Electoral College victory. In one corner, we have John Natale, resident of Chester Street, who is very annoyed by the “self-righteous” “snowflakes” who feel the need to tell the world that they don’t support hate. In the other, we have 7th-grader extraordinaire, Luke Macannuco, of Brookside Avenue, who eloquently refuted Natale’s argument.

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