Wednesday, May 3, 2017

House Republicans Just Voted To End Overtime Pay As We Know It

The measure, backed by Republicans, would let employers give workers time off instead of time-and-a-half pay the next time they put in extra hours. The vote tally was largely along party lines, with no Democrats voting in favor of the bill. Six Republicans also voted against it. “The Trump administration also came out in support of the measure on Tuesday. The White House said in a news release that the president’s advisers would recommend Trump sign the bill into law if it was presented to him in its current form.” Countless workers have relied on time-and-a-half pay for decades to help save for a big family event, or to put money away for their kids’ education, or just to make ends meet. And smart employers have recognized overtime pay as a valuable incentive for employees at times when they need to increase production or cope with other situations without incurring the cost of hiring more workers. More pay as an incentive for going above and beyond. More pay as a reward for more sacrifice. It’s difficult to see the problem with this concept on any level. Republicans and the President don’t seem to agree, however.

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