Friday, May 19, 2017


May 1-5 is National Charter School Week, and it comes at a time when charter school and school privatization advocates must be wondering how they should feel. On one hand, the president of United States and the secretary of United States Department of Education are not just school privatization advocates, but hyper-zealous activists for the cause. Billionaire philanthropist and GOP super-donor Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has devoted a good portion of her adult life to undermining public schools and advancing the cause of private charter schools and private school vouchers. Trump has pledged to set aside $20 billion for vouchers and “school choice,” and in March introduced a federal budget that would have dismantled public schools through a 13 percent cut to federal education funding, massive cuts to public school teacher training and after-school programs, and transfers of public education funds to private schools. The Center for American Progress wrote at the time, “Every budget is a statement of values and this one could not be more clear in the vision it presents: starve the public school system and privatize education.”

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