Monday, May 8, 2017

Robert's post election rant.

I just finished working as an election clerk for ten days of early voting and on election day, in a county in the state of Texas. I think what I witnessed isn't exclusive to Texas, though I'm seriously too tired and or lazy right now to research it. I may be blowing smoke. It's my blog. I'm allowed. I have checked the overall numbers which indicate that fewer than ten percent of voters turned out county-wide to vote in local elections. Most municipalities were lower than ten percent with a few in the 10 to 20 percent spread.

I'm a disabled veteran, Purple Heart recipient. That's kind of a big deal with lots of people who like to thank me when they see the PH license plate on my vehicle.  When they do, I try not to engage them in conversation beyond telling them it was an honor to serve. Me being me, I remind them to honor that service, the service of others, and those who returned as remains in a cargo hold, they should take fifteen minutes of each day to learn exactly what's going on in the halls of power in this nation. After all, what they're doing may result in sending one of their own off ostensibly in defense of their freedoms and rights as citizens of the nation whose flag they love waving.  I remind them that not participating in the democratic exercise made possible and guaranteed by the sacrifice of veterans, disabled or not, is the equivalent of " those hippies" they love to hate for spitting on returning Viet Vets.  By this time those with whom I am engaged in parking lot conversation are hot-footing it to their vehicle or into the Walmart.  It's probably my snarky, sarcastic tone of voice.

Shaming people into voting for those running for national office is one thing.  Shaming people into voting for the guy they can meet at the Kroger or Walmart is quite another.I can understand, though not excuse, those who can't see that their vote speaks loudly a few thousand or even hundred miles away.  But when you won't even nail down the guy who might actually get your trash picked up on time, the potholes on your street repaired, or keep the Friday night lights on for Friday night's sacred ritual, don't go on to me about those getting "your hard earned tax dollars" and not working.   In this, and I'm guessing in many locations, the only motivation for people to sit in a polling location for hours on end checking fewer than 50 voters a day and assisting them in the exercise of that "sacred right of voting" is to pay them.  So, Mr. & Mrs. Citizen when you moan and groan about some surfer you witnessed on Fox news eating lobster rolls on "your hard earned tax dollars" remember; You paid, in one day, an underutilized election clerk enough money to buy a whole lobster dinner.  Your absence at the polls;  Your neglect of politics and government probably spend, in one election, enough money to buy that surfer and a thousand of his buddies a years supply of lobster rolls.

If you were one of the responsible citizens who voted in the last election feel free to irritate someone you know who didn't by sharing this with him

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