Friday, May 26, 2017

Trump Budget Shatters President's Promise on Social Security, Medicaid

CNN Money correspondent just perpetuated the administration’s misleading spin, telling Wolf Blitzer this afternoon that Trump’s budget “doesn’t touch Social Security.” Other media outlets are hedging by saying the Trump budget doesn’t cut “core” Social Security benefits – whatever that means. Social Security Disability Insurance is a crucial and inseparable part of Social Security. Period. No amount of parsing can cleave the two. When you cut a program, you hurt people – whether the cuts affect “core” benefits or not. In this case, the millions of Americans with disabilities who rely on SSDI for basic income security are the ones who stand to be hurt. Though SSDI helps younger Americans, too, most of its beneficiaries are 55 or over – meaning any cuts to the program will hit older Americans particularly hard. The human consequences do not seem to disturb the President’s Budget Director Mick Mulvaney, as is obvious from this exchange with a reporter in the White House press room:

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