Monday, May 29, 2017

Trump Goes Berserk & Begins Shouting At The President Of Palestine: ' You Tricked Me!'

Trump Goes Berserk & Begins Shouting At The President Of Palestine: ' You Tricked Me!'

Despite Donald Trump’s claims that his trip abroad was a super success, there continues to be evidence and reports to the contrary. British Prime Minister Theresa May is furious with Trump because someone in his administration leaked sensitive information regarding the Manchester attack. German Chancellor Angela Merkel blasted Trump and the U.S., making it clear she no longer sees an ally in America. In the playground push seen worldwide, Trump once again showed his true classless colors when he pushed the Prime Minister of Montenegro, Duško Marković.

If Donald Trump sees his travels abroad as a “great success,” then his idea of failure must be the world coming to an end.

However, there is one story that isn’t receiving a lot of attention, but is certainly noteworthy as people discuss and consider how Donald Trump conducted himself, how he’s viewed by other world leaders, and most importantly, how his antics negatively impact Americans. It appears Donald Trump flew off the handle at the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas (the president) during a meeting in Bethlehem last week.

According to an Israeli news correspondent, Donald Trump shouted:

‘You tricked me in D.C.! You talked there about your commitment to peace, but the Israelis showed me your involvement in incitement [against Israel].’

The reporter, Udi Segal, documented the news of Trump’s rant to Abbas via the tweet below and states he got his information from a U.S. government official who was present at the meeting:



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