Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Trump’s budget would limit food stamp benefits for larger families

As things currently stand, a household that qualifies for assistance to buy food gets a larger food stamp benefit if it has a larger family. The logic is pretty clear: the more people there are to feed, the more help a low-income family will need. But the Trump administration is proposing to change that set up. Deputy Agriculture Secretary Michael Young said on Tuesday that the administration is looking to impose a cap on food stamp benefits based on family size, cutting off extra assistance for those who have more than six people in their families. That would mean a family would only ever be able to get the maximum benefit of $925, no matter how many people might be hungry. While only about 80,000 households receiving food stamps have more than six people, their incomes have to be very low to qualify, and the majority include children under 12 years old. The cap will cut approximately $180 million in benefits to the 175,000 recipients who live in households with more than six people.

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