Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Perhaps the most qualified group of people to weigh in, though, are the residents of Kansas, who in 2012 were treated to yuge tax cuts under a plan “unbelievable[y]” similar to Trump’s, according to the state’s former secretary of administration, Duane Goossen. Like Trump, Governor Sam Brownback promised the tax cuts would pay for themselves, “benefit everybody,” and “be a ‘shot of adrenaline to the heart’ of the Kansan economy,” Goossen told The Guardian. Perhaps not surprisingly, Goossen said, the cuts overwhelmingly helped “a small group of wealthy Kansans while the state’s budget has been left with a roughly $1 billion shortfall.” It’s previously vaunted school system, which people like Judith Deedy moved to take advantage of, has been hit with year after year of cuts. “I chose to live in Kansas. We don’t have beaches, we don’t have mountains, but we have great public schools. Well, not anymore. There was no shot of adrenaline—you didn’t have to be an economist to see that. The cuts have been so deep we may never get back to where we were,” Deedy told Guardian reporter Dominic Rushe.

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