Friday, May 5, 2017

Why Does Trump Embrace Foreign Dictators?

The president's affinity for autocrats threatens America's standing in the world – and the health of our democracy back homeWhat is it about dictators, authoritarian presidents-for-life, and outright ruling thugs that appeals to Donald J. Trump? In his wildly contradictory roller-coaster-ride of a foreign policy, in which Trump swings erratically from this position to that one, there's one true constant: he's attracted to people in power who rule by decree. At home, he's learning fast that our pesky, democracy-riddled republican system makes it a lot harder to govern than, say, to build a golf course. Perhaps that's why he's found an affinity for a growing list of bosses overseas unfettered by a Congress that has, you know, "bureaucratic … rules" or a judiciary system filled with "so-called" judges.

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