Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bishop Doyle Condemns SB-4

June 16, 2017 Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ: As you know all too well, there has been much controversy and fear in the community generated by the "anti­ sanctuary" law (Senate Bill 4) that will take effect September 1, 2017. As your bishop, I signed a letter to Gov. Greg Abbott on May 17, 2017, along with 200 other Texas religious leaders, condemning the law as "anti-immigrant" and contrary to the biblical principles for which we stand as Christians. The law is contrary to the moral imperative that we love our neighbor, welcome the immigrant, and care for the most vulnerable among us. This law represents an anti-immigrant agenda that is born out of fear and promoted out of a sense of privilege, jeopardizing justice for everyone. SB-4 is the harshest anti-immigrant bill passed by a state legislature in recent years. The law will force state, local, and campus police to serve as immigration enforcement officers and mandate that they hold immigrants in custody for Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE), no matter the equities of the situation. This law takes away the right of local police to set their own public safety priorities and commitments to protect immigrants who are victims or witnesses of crime.

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