Sunday, June 4, 2017

Let's Cut the Crap About Why Hillary Clinton Lost

Bah. Let's run the tape: Hillary Clinton was running for a third Democratic term with an OK but not great economy. Most models predicted a roughly 50-50 race. In the end, despite everything, she still outperformed the models and won the popular vote by 2 percent. The Comey letter cost her 2-3 percent, and the other stuff probably cost her another couple of points. Without those things, she wins in a landslide and cruises into the White House. So she's right. I guess everyone wants her to be the captain going down with her ship, but that's stupid. She accurately described why she lost. Why shouldn't she? But still, what about all the stuff she screwed up? There wasn't that much, really, but sure, there are a few things: The Goldman Sachs speeches were dumb. The private email server was dumb. The "deplorables" comment was dumb

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