Tuesday, June 13, 2017

N.J. teacher suspended over Trump yearbook censorship

WALL, N.J. — The Wall High School teacher and adviser of the yearbook club has been suspended due to alleged censorship of images and quotes by students supporting President Trump. Superintendent Cheryl Dyer said Monday that the teacher, who she declined to name, was suspended "pending further disciplinary action" from the school board. On the high school's website, the yearbook club's adviser is listed as Susan Parsons. According to public records, she collected an $87,950 salary last year. "I don't have definitive answers to all of my questions yet, but I knew enough at this point to get board approval to take that action," Dyer said

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  1. The student's father was interviewed, quoting, "“From my perspective, I don’t understand the censorship,” Berardo said. “I think it was probably politically motivated. It was inherently offensive to somebody and they made a decision to Photoshop it — and without discussion, which is the worst part."

    The problem would be "equally" as egregious if images of clothing supporting Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also had been altered, Berardo said."
    My fierce liberal soul responds, I think not.


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