Sunday, June 11, 2017

This teen is the new face of Planned Parenthood. ‘I wanted all the chances everyone else had.’

Deja Foxx went to Planned Parenthood just once — but it was a transformative experience. She was 15, sexually active for a year already, and constantly worried that her dreams would be derailed. Growing up in a gritty part of Tucson, she saw firsthand what pregnancy could do to a young woman’s aspirations. Attending a magnet school in an affluent part of town showed her another possible future. “Watching those kids grow up, I wanted all the chances everyone else had,” said Foxx, now 17. Deja Foxx says her future would be in doubt if she had not received assistance from Planned Parenthood about birth control. (Salwan Georges/The Washington Post) Still a year shy of the legal driving age, she borrowed her boyfriend’s old Mitsubishi Eclipse and drove 45 minutes to the Margaret Sanger Health Center. A kind nurse showed her a booklet of birth control options. She left with a seven-month supply — and a heart full of relief.

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