Monday, June 26, 2017

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Just Laid Out a Pathway for Social Security Benefits to Be Cut

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  1. Raise the income cap enjoyed by those folks making more than $118,500. They will, according to this article most likely live longer and collect more in benefits than those earning less than they.

  2. Excerpt: " Finger-pointing can also be made at the rich, who are living significantly longer than lower-income folks and pulling a larger payment for a longer period of time from Social Security. Likewise, lengthening life expectancies over the past couple of decades is also to blame."
    Comment: Repeating myself, "Make certain your Republican mom and dad understand that Social Security is a government program ye blue collar defenders of the oligarchs" "The poor and working poor have no control over the millionaires who write tax codes that favor the millionaires and hand you the bill my fright wing friend. But you go right ahead and keep going on about that surfer who bought a lobster roll with "your hard earned tax dollars".
    If you believe that God blessed Donald Trump with great wealth without consulting you then it's time you admit God can punish the poor without your assistance or attitude."


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