Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Donald Trump Jr.’s lawyer is a Juilliard-trained trombonist who plays in a symphony and defends mobsters

The case that helped put attorney Alan Futerfas on the map was full of bloodshed, backstabbing and secrecy, like a Mafia movie that played out in real life in a Brooklyn courthouse. The year was 1994, and Futerfas, a young defense lawyer, was representing clients accused of participating in a brutal power struggle within the Colombo family that left 10 people dead, including an innocent teenager who was shot accidentally at a bagel shop. During the closely watched proceedings, Futerfas learned that a high-ranking Colombo hit man had worked for decades as an FBI informant, and that his FBI handler was under investigation for leaking information that may have fomented the Colombo war. Prosecutors had not disclosed those details until after some of the defendants had been found guilty of murder and racketeering. Futerfas devised a new defense, arguing that the government had deliberately tried to create a “divisive conflict which would enable the FBI to make, it hoped, dozens of arrests and convictions,” as the New York Times reported at the time.

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