Saturday, July 8, 2017

Elon Musk said Tesla could build Australia a power storage system in 100 days. Now we'll see

Tesla Inc. Chief Executive Elon Musk has placed one of his biggest bets yet on where energy development is headed and how fast he can get there. Musk wagered a few months ago that Tesla could build a grid-connected energy-storage system in Australia within 100 days, or he’d eat the costs. Now he has a chance to prove it. Tesla announced Friday it will build the world’s most powerful lithium-ion battery storage system in the state of South Australia. Musk pledged the project would be completed in 100 days or it’s free. Tesla, based in Palo Alto, said it will team up with French renewable energy firm Neoen to complete the project by December — in time for Australia’s summer to begin.

   Robert directs your attention to this comment at the linked source;

I read all of the postings. It seems there are people here who rather live next door to a coal burning factory then wind and solar energy run businesses. Look, Elon has a proven track record of producing products that are changing the world. His designs are what people want. I wish I had a Model S or X or even the Model 3 coming out. I wish I lived in a single family home with solar tiles and battery energy storage. If he can provide clean energy to large communities and cities then the whole world is better for it. If his automobiles is moving the entire industry to clean up their act then the whole world is better for it. If he is designing rocket launches and space travel at less expense then the whole world is better for it. Even with some dinosaur loving political leaders the world is changing and changing rapidly. Elon Musk is moving us forward. Others will do the same. If not here then elsewhere.
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