Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Federal court blocks Trump EPA on air pollution

An appeals court Monday struck down the Environmental Protection Agency’s 90-day suspension of new emission standards on oil and gas wells, a decision that could set back the Trump administration’s broad legal strategy for rolling back Obama-era rules. In a 2-to-1 ruling, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit concluded that the EPA had the right to reconsider a 2016 rule limiting methane and smog-forming pollutants emitted by oil and gas wells but could not delay the effective date while it sought to rewrite the regulation. The agency has proposed extending the initial delay to two years; the court will hold a hearing on that suspension separately. “The court’s ruling is yet another reminder, now in the context of environmental protection, that the federal judiciary remains a significant obstacle to the president’s desire to order immediate change,” Richard Lazarus, an environmental-law professor at Harvard Law School, said in an email.

   Robert's favorite comment at the linked source follows;

ana luisa 8:09 AM CDT Trump's Secretary of Defense, General Mattis, called climate change a threat to our national security. His Secretary of State, Tillerson, agreed and absolutely wanted him to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement - even though he's the former CEO of ExxonMobile and as such, has invested MILLIONS in trying to refute climate science articles that were proving that climate change is real and dangerous and anthropogenic ... in vain. Today, even the current CEO supports the Paris Agreement. And yet, when a court simply asks Pruitt to follow the standard procedure of changing a rule and to not forget that IF he wants to change it, part of that standard procedure consists of showing that the science has changed ... Trump supporters here are immediately convinced that it must be the result of judicial activism, and that the arguments of the court cannot be valid. They eve refuse to consider or debate those arguments. It all doesn't make any sense.
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