Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Is Patriotism Possible in Trump's America?

I like to make pie on the Fourth of July. I like to wear my Captain America T-shirt and watch fireworks with my family at the Old Soldier's Home in D.C., where there are food trucks and face-painting and crafts. But Donald Trump's presidency makes it more urgent than ever this Independence Day to think seriously about what your patriotism means. America has always demanded thoughtful patriotism, even if many of its citizens choose not to comply. The anniversary we're celebrating is a day when a group of white men – many of whom owned their fellow human beings – declared they and they alone had rights given to them by God. But that day and in the years to come they created a framework for the greatest expansion of human rights in history. Over time the rights to speak and worship freely, vote for our representatives, own property, participate in civic life, and even marry has been expanded to larger and larger groups of people. Our Union is far from perfect – no human institution ever will be. Millions of Americans face injustice every day because they're black or brown or women or gay or poor or for countless other reasons. But America is better than it was in 1776, and that progress is worth celebrating. But plot that progress and you won't get a straight line or a smooth curve. There are dips and plunges: Supreme Court decisions like Plessy v Ferguson that cost people their humanity or attacks on our rights in the name of national security, like the internment of Japanese-Americans.

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cltaylor • 11 hours ago I put my flag on the house today and had to fight back the embarrassment of our president and instead remind myself that the flag is for the soldiers who fight for our freedom. I don't associate our flag with this president, I couldn't possible. He's a bully and has a serious personality disorder which needs treatment. He is not for the people and doesn't care about what the starts and what the stripes stand for, he probably doesn't even know how many states there are in this country. So, I put the flag out for soldiers and as a symbol of freedom, in spite of our insane misguided delusional president. I'm not even sure why we should call him president at this point, he's done nothing presidential. He's trash. Our flag and our country, are not.
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