Wednesday, July 12, 2017

JUST IN: Joe Scarborough Makes Major Life Announcement, Colleagues In Shock

Caleb R. Newton - July 11, 2017 Caleb R. Newton - July 11, 2017 Well that was an end to one of the latest rounds of outrage over something that President Trump tweeted that lots of people may have not seen coming. MSNBC’s popular morning host Joe Scarborough has announced that he is leaving the Republican Party. He is a former Republican Congressman, and he co-hosts Morning Joe along with Mika Brzezinski. He and Brzezinski were the targets of a recent Twitter tirade from the president, with Trump making the baseless claim that the two morning hosts had repeatedly begged him to let them join him for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and that while doing so, Brzezinski had been sporting the results of a “badly bleeding” facelift gone wrong. Morning Joe was, at one time, generally somewhat optimistic and positive in their coverage of Donald Trump after he emerged as a Republican candidate, but their coverage, like that of so many others, soured after Trump showed himself as the narcissistic power grabber that he really is. It’s this shift in tone that underlay Trump’s belligerent tweetstorm against Scarborough and Brzezinski.

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