Friday, July 28, 2017

No Insurance, but for 3 Days, Health Care Is Within Reach

WISE, Va. — For a man who needed 18 teeth pulled, Daniel Smith was looking chipper. Anxious, too, for he was facing a pair of forceps. But Smith, 30, a contractor with no health or dental insurance, who hadn’t seen a dentist in more than 20 years, was looking forward to an imminent end to the pain and rot in his mouth. “I’ve always worked, since I was 14, but I’ve never had dental insurance,” Smith told me. After his teeth are out, he has a lead on low-cost dentures. “I’d like to have a straight smile,” he said. “I’ve never had one in my life.” All around Smith were uninsured patients receiving free dental or medical care, including dozens of men and women in side-by-side dental chairs in the open air. Organizers mercifully arranged the long line of people waiting to have teeth pulled so that they were facing away from those currently enduring extractions.

   Robert directs your attention to this comment at the linked source;

Douglas McNeill Chesapeake, VA 19 hours ago Ours is definitely NOT a HEALTH care system. It is a WEALTH care system for the insurers, the plutocrats, Big Pharma and to a lesser extent the doctors. Each of us sits on the edge of a medical event horizon with a black hole of death before us. Our journey can be swift from an accident or glacially slow with a growing litany of pain and disability from any of hundreds of conditions. We all must pass this way, rich and poor alike. Why would we systematically throw any of our citizens under this bus. Where is our humanity?
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