Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Once again, Trump tweets a meme linked to a brazen racist

Lots of people tweet memes without checking who made them. The president of the United States — or someone close to him who manages his social media account — seems to be one of those people. On Sunday morning, President Trump tweeted out a doctored old video of a professional wrestling match in which he, appearing in character as himself, pummeled another performer and sent them to the ground. Except someone had replaced the other wrestler’s head with the CNN logo — a jokey meme that reflects the president’s long-running feud with the cable news network. But Trump didn’t create the video. That honor apparently belongs to a person who had posted a version of the video on Reddit last week, raising questions about how the meme found its way to the president’s Twitter account. It seems the anonymous user — who uses an online moniker that combines the name of a “Star Wars” character with an unpopular part of the human anatomy — has a history of posting racist, homophobic, anti-Islamic and anti-Semitic comments on the site. Many of them, like the online name, aren’t appropriate to be reprinted here.

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