Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Texas companies penalized in less than 3% of illegal air pollution cases – report

Texas companies involved in illegal air pollution releases were penalized by the state in fewer than 3% of all cases,according to a new report. The figure underscores the need for strong federal oversight in a period when the Trump administration is seeking to slash the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget and roll back rules, said Ilan Levin, associate director of the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP). “Lax enforcement at the state level is a real problem at a time when EPA is being gutted,” he said. The report, Breakdowns in Enforcement, was released on Friday by the EIP and Environment Texas. The advocacy groups’ analysis of state records found that overall Texas imposed penalties for 588 out of 24,839 “malfunction and maintenance events” reported by companies from 2011 to 2016. The incidents caused the emission of over 500m pounds of pollutants and total fines amounted to $13.5m.

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bpollutin Erik Frederiksen 4d ago 2 3 Almost as shocking as tomorrow's headline "Texas: 75% of residents believe in unicorns and science is the devil's magic"
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