Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and the transgender ‘bathroom buddy’

Every time lawmakers float bills seeking to bar transgender people from using the bathrooms of their choice, the same crucial questions arise: How would such a measure be enforced? Who, exactly, would be there to make sure that people use facilities that correspond to their biological sex rather than their gender identity? In Texas, the latest state to become embroiled in a fervent “bathroom bill” debate, a transgender woman sought to shine a light on those issues in a social media post that went viral this week and drew praise for its originality. Ashley Smith, a San Antonio-based LGBTQ activist, posed for a picture with Gov. Greg Abbott (R) after a speech on Friday announcing his reelection campaign, as the Associated Press reported. The governor, who supports the state’s bathroom bill, appears in the photo smiling with his arm around Smith.

   Robert directs your attention to these comments at the linked source;

ForceOfOne 6:43 AM CDT He also supported tort reform. That of course was after he had gotten his millions from his lawsuit.
Morgoth_V 6:30 AM CDT Greg Abbot says "I support the principles of both the Senate & House to protect privacy in bathrooms." Won't you have to invade privacy to protect it?
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