Monday, July 17, 2017

Texas lawmakers clash over contentious transgender bathroom bill

Less than two months after failing to pass a “bathroom bill” restricting access for transgender people, Texas lawmakers are trying again amid fierce opposition from Democrats, civil rights groups and leading businesses. A special legislative session will start on Tuesday in Austin. Among the main items on the agenda is a measure to limit transgender access to restrooms and changing facilities. The issue is the latest battleground in the conflict in Texas between moderate, pragmatic Republicans and far-right, ideologically driven conservatives emboldened by the rise of Donald Trump. That clash is embodied by antipathy between two of the state’s most important politicians: Joe Straus, speaker of the House and a relative moderate, and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, a Christian conservative who was the state chairman of Trump’s presidential campaign. Passing a bathroom bill is a top priority for Patrick. In a sign of the pressure being placed on moderates as Texas politics lurches even farther rightwards, the GOP in Straus’s home county last week passed a resolution calling for him to be replaced as speaker, in protest at his lack of enthusiasm for a bathroom bill.

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  1. Because, you know, this should be the priority of the legislature of the state that leads the world in pregnancy related deaths.

    Not being a parent I assure you that I could probably not keep up with the comings and goings of a brood of kids throughout the day. I also realize just how harsh it is to say this,but I view parents who send little Janie off unaccompanied to public toilets the same as I view parents who leave toddlers strapped in locked cars while they run into the grocery store "for just a coupled of items".


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