Tuesday, July 25, 2017


But while the Mooch clearly wanted the job badly enough that he was willing to scrub his Twitter history and renounce all the things he said about Trump when he was supporting Jeb Bush (such as calling Trump a “hack politician” and an “inherited money dude from Queens County”), he reminded the press Friday that he was still giving up a lot to become the president’s flack, and not just his dignity. He would also be saying goodbye to his fund of hedge funds business, SkyBridge Capital, which he is in the process of selling to Chinese conglomerate HNA. “You want to go serve the country, and so the first thing you have to do is take on this mega opportunity cost by getting rid of all your assets,” he told reporters, complaining about a deal worth nearly a quarter of a billion dollars. “I’m willing to do that, because I love the country.” Luckily, the Mooch is not giving away his assets for free. In fact, as Forbes reported Monday, he’s “getting rid of” them in exchange for what is expected to be almost $80 million:

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