Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Trump administration certifies that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal the president condemned

resident Trump will wait for another day to "rip up" the Iran deal, as he promised on the campaign trail. Late Monday, three senior officials said the Trump administration would formally certify by a midnight deadline that Iran is in compliance with the restrictions on its nuclear program imposed under the 2015 deal negotiated with the United States, five other nations and the European Union. The action keeps in place sanctions relief for Iran in exchange for its continued freeze of its weapons program. By law, every 90 days the administration has to decide whether Iran has fulfilled its obligations under the pact brokered by the Obama administration. Trump made his first such certification in April. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson "will make certification today on behalf of the president" that the accord's terms agreed to in Geneva, Switzerland, two years ago "have been met based on the information available to the United States as of today," one senior administration official told reporters late Monday.

   Robert directs your attention to this comment at the linked source;

dodger60 as long as iran doesn't get caught the deal stays. even president pinocchio can figure that out.
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