Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Trump Tweets Delusional 4th Of July Announcement Like A Mental Patient On Cocaine

Yup, the headline is pure hyperbole.

President Trump took to Twitter yet again this July 4th holiday, writing most recently about the supposedly record low gas prices and implying that he thinks that he has something to do with it. Trump wrote: ‘Gas prices are the lowest in the U.S. in over ten years! I would like to see them go even lower.’ Follow Donald J. Trump ✔ @realDonaldTrump Gas prices are the lowest in the U.S. in over ten years! I would like to see them go even lower. 2:55 PM - 4 Jul 2017 10,508 10,508 Retweets 46,415 46,415 likes Twitter Ads info and privacy Before anything else, Trump saying of gas prices that he “would like to see them go even lower” exposes a serious level of ignorance. Why on earth does he think it matters what he “would like” to happen? Does he think this is a game? Bringing down gas prices is not a matter of sprinkling a little of this over here and a little of that over there like some sort of demented cooking show. The president requires serious knowledge of macroeconomics. Does Trump even know what that means? Saying that you “would like to see” something happen in this context is just ridiculous. Besides, the United States oil industry remains as down in the dumps as it ever has been. Vice News journalist Jules Suzdaltsev explained in the comments section of the president’s tweet: ‘[Saudi Arabia] literally made it unprofitable to invest in US oil and has spent the last decade trying to stop US oil drilling tech development! That is the ONLY reason oil is cheap! How can you POSSIBLY think this is about YOU & WHY WOULD YOU PRAISE AN ANTI-US MOVE BY SAUDI ARABIA?’

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