Monday, August 7, 2017

'China has conquered Kenya': Inside Beijing's new strategy to win African hearts and minds

t took the StarTimes satellite TV salesman about 30 minutes to install a pipeline for Chinese propaganda into Francis Gitonga’s squat, cinder-block home here in southern Kenya, near Africa’s Great Rift Valley. First, he climbed onto Gitonga’s roof, drilled a satellite dish onto the chimney, and dangled some wires through the door frame. He plugged it all into a StarTimes set-top box, and turned it on. Gitonga, 43, flipped through the channels, and Chinese programs filled the screen: an old kung fu movie, a Chinese news broadcast, a Chinese documentary about Japan’s wartime atrocities, most dubbed into English. Gitonga was elated. His new digital TV package gave him better reception than he’d once thought possible in Kajiado, a small town on the savannah where Masai tribesmen wander past rickety storefronts and goats cluster in the shade. “I didn't know about China before,” he said. “I can say it's good. They have changed this country in a big way, very fast.”

   Robert directs your attention to this comment at the linked source;

As the vision-less Idiocratic leader Donald Trump and his sub-100 I.Q. hordes hurriedly cede away a century of built up world influence, and opportunity, the rest of us watch in demurred horror... The Red Hot Chili Peppers also had a song called 'Give It way, give it away now' as well. Does anyone ever wonder why only the generally less intelligent generally follow someone like Trump...? Or, why trump can't get intelligent people (combined with a heart) to buy his 'cheena' shop crap either...?! What the hell are dumb people or republicans comprised of then...?? Can we commission a 'scientific' study on it perhaps...?! Hell no, they might think we were looking for a meaningless job...
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