Monday, August 7, 2017

It Took A Democratic Governor To Finally Call The Mosque Bombing Terrorism

Maybe you’ve finally heard by now that a mosque in Bloomington, Minnesota was bombed early Saturday morning. Maybe. It seemed confusing as it was being reported, because nobody was calling it what it actually was: an act of terrorism aimed at a church. In fact, you were hard-pressed to find anyone even calling it a hate crime, despite the fact that it clearly was. Everything about the incident added up to exactly what America would have called a terrorist attack — if it had been committed by Muslims, instead of against them. In the New York Times report, details included the fact that congregants has just begun to gather for morning prayers, the fact that the bomb was thrown into the Imam’s (pastor’s) room, and the fact that one worshiper ran outside at the sound of the explosion just in time to see a truck speeding out of the parking lot. Just everything you might need for a terrorist attack: maximum presence, a specific target, and a fleeing suspect.

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