Saturday, August 12, 2017

JUST IN: A.P. Uncovers Secret Trump Back Channel To North Korea; It’s All A Big Scam

Carissa House-Dunphy - August 12, 2017 Donald Trump has done everything possible to deflect from the Trump/Russia collusion story that threatens the perception of the legitimacy of his presidential win. Attacking members of his own political party, announcing a ban on transgender military members, and pointing every finger he can find at Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama has, so far, failed to drown out news of his campaign officials’ meetings with Russians, FBI raids on his campaign manager’s home, and mounting evidence that the collusion story is anything but a “nothingburger.” What has worked to divert attention recently has been Trump’s public statements threatening nuclear war with North Korea. From his “fire and fury” comments that evoke a Game of Thrones episode to the “locked and loaded” rhetoric sure to excite his gun-loving supporters, the news cycle quickly shifted from Russian collusion to utter terror at the idea of a former reality game show host with access to nuclear codes. Just how credible are those threats, though? Is it possible that Trump is simply posturing for the media in order to deflect attention knowing all along that his threats against North Korea are utterly baseless? A new report from The Associated Press may suggest that it is.

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