The Usual Disclaimers

Most of the content on this blog is from other sites on the Internet.  It can be easily identified as not original to me by the fact that it is set off in a blockquote, italicized, and in a different color font.  I'm sharing information and opinions I find interesting and commenting when the mood hits.  Many if not most times I grab what I feel is the best thought, or lead paragraph in an article to encourage readers to follow the link, always at the top of the post, and many times repeated at the end of the post, to the original article.  For those readers who don't facebook or tweet a link is provided to the original source when facebook or twitter embeds are shared beginning Dec 22, 2016.

The byline appearing at the original source will be displayed beginning in September 2017

As a matter of perspective, readers might want to take into consideration that I am a disabled army veteran, draftee class of 69, who in light of that status pays no income or property taxes. Nor do I pay for the health care and medications I receive from the Veterans Administration.  When discussing taxes, benefits, and government services in general, I am indeed coming from a very grateful position that those services are there.