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The following are replies on which I rely to express my sentiments. Typing's a bitch, anything that reduces the need ... Remember that you'll probably never enlighten the mind of the fright wing minion with whom you share facts at the water cooler. It's the reasonable person within earshot to whom you are speaking.

"It's been my personal experience that those who bemoan the state of America and long for bringing back, taking it back, or rebuilding their country, are referring to the country that existed before this momentous decision. (SCOTUS school prayer) I wonder, sometimes, if it's ever occurred to them that the God they say has been forced from the public square left of his own accord, nay turned his back in anger at the nation that would blaspheme his name by printing it on "Caesar's" currency. Perhaps making his name an essential part of every international arms deal that starts a war, drug deal that destroys a future, or hook-up that damages a family. has really put him off."

Those who do not trust a government to put breakfast in the bellies of hungry children have no business trusting a government to "put God" in their classrooms. The poor and working poor have no control over your economic destiny. Scolding and kicking them when they're down while kissing up to the economic bullies and their allies in Congress only reserves your place at the bottom.

That "commercialization of Christmas" that so many are about to start going on about. It's the heart and soul of the economic system defended with the service and sacrifice of young men and women they also go on about.

The poor and working poor are not the privileged you seek

Seriously if you believe the same party that continually proposes cuts to SNAP, CHIP, and Social Security, doesn't also have veteran's services in their sights you're seriously delusional. It's not a stretch to imagine a party snatching lunch from a hungry kid at school to save a buck, to kicking the crutches out from under a wounded veteran at a VA hospital.

On drug testing SNAP recipients, It's not about common sense. If they'll treat those who are down like this, well you better watch out buddy because you're next. It's the politics of brutality, objectification, intimidation, and power. It's what Republican Christian conservatives call government.

The economic policies set in place during the Reagan administration have stayed pretty much intact except during the Clinton administration then reset by the Bush administration. We won't get sidetracked by the "do nothing", obstructionist Congress in power since 2010. We're talking economic policy here not who controlled it, and the economic policy of shifting the tax burden to the middle and lower classes, allowing the extremely wealthy to remove capital from its essential place in a capitalist economy. Sheltering capital in offshore accounts or hoarding it in foreign corporations cripples the investment needed in the production of goods and services essential to a capitalist economy. The takers in this economy are not the poor and working who are unable to return this essential movement of capital to the economy but the very wealthy. Drug testing hungry people has proven to be a waste of money time and again. It has, however, achieved the goal of distracting the working class from what their "overlords" are up to.

On FEMA, Watching the reports on CBS news from South Carolina I hear the reporter say that people some of whom, by my own assumption, may have drowned in their homes, refused evacuation because they were afraid their stuff would be looted. Their Senator was elected promising to cut spending to citizens receiving too much stuff from the government, and who voted no to replacing the stuff other citizens lost in a natural disaster. The particular people featured in the report discovered, when they called their agent, that their insurance did cover their stuff lost to flooding. They are now at the mercy of the government their Senator said was giving too much stuff to undeserving people. Get it yet? Voting for the guy who demonizes the poor and working poor is the same as giving your change to the school yard bully for protection.

Clearly the only solution Republicans would accept when dealing with the poor would be allowing them to rent space at a trough filled with gruel twice a day in a taxpayer funded sports arena. Then they can recover the cost of the gruel by broadcasting feeding time as a reality television show sponsored by and lining the pockets of Con Agra and Nestle'. Judging by the popularity of "Cops" there's a market for "entertainment" in watching people who've hit rock bottom in this, "the greatest nation on earth", or demonizing the poor wouldn't be the political go-to tactic of the Republican Party.

I asked my neighbor why he sits all day on his porch with an elephant gun. He said to scare away the elephants. I said this is Texas and there are no elephants in this subdivision. He said you're welcome. But, God bless him, my progressive friends, he never ever misses an opportunity to vote! And that's how Texas gets a governor.

Quoting, "The more substantive problem is this only holds if you treat government like a household, where debt is a problem and spending should match income. But it isn’t. Rhetoric notwithstanding, the needs of an economy are fundamentally different than those of a family, and the skills it takes to balance a budget don’t translate to the skills it takes to manage a country. If that were true, then Abraham Lincoln would have been our worst president and Calvin Coolidge our best." Read that again, slowly. Let your lips move if it helps.

On underfunding the Veterans Administration Healthcare system,  In the minds of the oligarchs who sent young men and women off to get wounded, protecting their Military Industrial Complex investment, it's only logical that they should profit from the treatment of those injuries. Their objective is to gain control of the government, break the VA, then come to the rescue of the wounded by giving them a voucher to get care at a for-profit facility in which they've probably invested and bingo, they win twice.
  The wounded? Hey sucker, did I tell you how much "they" hate our freedom? Finding a doctor in your locale, my veteran friend, who'll accept a VA voucher might just be easier than finding one who accepts Medicare. I, for one, would rather not have to find out."

Republicans are the party of deliberate failure. They know that if federal services were managed competently, Americans would get used to the benefits and the cost savings and reject the right’s agenda of shrinking government so that only the privileged would benefit. That’s why electing Republicans to run government is like hiring bank robbers as security guards. They both have an incentive to screw everything up."--Mark NC on News Corpse 09-16-2015

On reinstating universal conscription. Take that up with "added no value, no advantage, really, to the United States armed services" Donald Rumsfeld. Actually, the military is not keen on the idea of using its resources turning around the lives of societies itchy finger misfits and losers. Creating an egalitarian society by force via military service doesn't jive with the current Congressional majorities libertarian bent. What compulsory education fails to do in twelve years is not going to be corrected with two years of compulsory military service. That being said, social experimentation by government edict is not a foreign, or completely disagreeable concept for this progressive liberal, glad to see you're coming on board. Remember, also Joe Biden's son and Senator Tom Coburn. The Vice president never met a veteran's program he didn't like and Senator Tom Coburn Republican veteran never met one he liked.

On Republican takeover of congress  Oh, say it isn't true! My trust in the Republicans to manage fair and representative government has been shattered, thrown against reality like fine china in a domestic dispute smashing into the kitchen wall.

On class warfare, Someone is contributing more to your congressman's reelection campaign than you. I'm pretty sure it's not that surfer dude buying SNAP funded lobster rolls with your hard earned tax dollars. "Get it, yet? It's not the poor and working poor who redistribute your tax dollars my fright wing friends. It's the elected goons who pander to your fears and prejudices. The poor and working poor have no control over the millionaires who write codes that favor the millionaires and hand you the bill my fright wing friend. But you go right ahead and keep going on about that surfer that bought a lobster roll with "your hard earned tax dollars".

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